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Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans

At Healthiest Version of You, we can assist with managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer or musculoskeletal conditions. We are focused on providing easy to understand nutrition education on the relationship between the chronic condition and diet, as well as tailored nutrition advice that aims to reduce the impact of the chronic condition on overall health and wellbeing. 

Who may be eligible for Medicare rebates?

For those who have a chronic (or terminal) medical condition and complex care needs requiring a multidisciplinary approach, they may be eligible for dietetic services through the Medicare system.  A referral from a GP under a Chronic Disease Management Plan will be required. 

How much is the rebate?

Unfortunately Medicare don’t cover the entire cost of the appointment. The current rebates are $58 per appointment. You will be required to pay the full amount at the time of the appointment. You will then be provided with an invoice so that you may claim your Medicare rebate.  Please ensure your banking details are up-to-date with Medicare to receive your rebate. 


How many appointments do I get?

Eligible patients can use a maximum of 5 services per calendar year. The 5 services may be either:

  • 1 type of service, for example 5 dietetic sessions, or 

  • a combination of different types of services, for example 3 dietetic and 2 podiatry services.


Can I claim a rebate with my Health Fund?

Please contact your Health fund directly to check whether you may be covered for dietetic services.  

How can a dietitian help me?

  • Assess your overall health and provide dietary advice and recommendations on how to best manage your chronic condition - taking into consideration your medical history.

  • Provide easy to understand nutrition education on how to effectively manage either your new diagnosis or longstanding chronic condition. 

  • Improve food label reading skills for choosing food and drink products that meet your dietary needs.

  • Provide budget-friendly meal ideas.

  • Aim to reduce the reliance on medication where possible.

  • Provide regular reports back to your GP so they can also follow along with your nutrition progress.

Please contact your GP to seek a referral for our services.

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