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At Healthiest Version of You, we focus on providing high quality nutrition care for people with disabilities and complex comorbidities. We are focused on understanding and listening to the needs of participants and providing nutrition advice that is tailored to their situation to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. 

What we offer our NDIS Participants

Building independence is promoted in areas such as meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation, and teaching the skills needed to complete these tasks. Nutrition education is regularly provided so participants may increase their nutrition knowledge on their individualised therapeutic diet and learn how to manage their nutrition at home and in the community. This may also mean educating their family members, support workers and anyone else involved in managing their nutrition.

We are confident and experienced in navigating the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme and can provide assistance to making the participant is able to access the services they require. 


We often advocate for the needs of the participant through professional documentation at government levels such as report writing or letters of support. These reports review and analyse the correlation between the participants disability and nutrition status, and the impact this has on their capacity and daily functioning. In addition, this report provides recommendations for ongoing support necessary for the participant to work towards achieving their NDIS goals, through the NDIS. These reports also address the NDIS criteria for funding. 
We may also act as a nutrition resource for other members of the multidisciplinary and support teams to provide guidance on the nutrition care required.  

Funding Types We Support

We can provide dietetic services to participants that are self or plan managed, under the following support categories:

  • Improved Daily Living (15_062_0128_3_3)

  • Improved Health and Well Being (12_025_0128_3_3)

  • Core Supports (01_760_0128_3_3)


These categories can be funded under either the capacity building and core support budgets.

Participant Safety

Ashleigh upholds the relevant checks to ensure participant safety including:

  • Yellow Card/NDIS Screening

  • Blue Card

  • Police Checks

  • Up-to-date with vaccinations

Appointment Types

NDIS Dietitian Gold Coast Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations

During our dietetic appointments, we will complete

the following:


  • Full nutrition assessment including anthropometric body measurements (if relevant)

  • Nutrition goal setting

  • Nutrition education to empower you to make informed choices about your health

  • Develop nutrition strategies together to create a healthy relationship with food

  • Review of goals, progress & success of nutrition strategies implemented

  • Nutrition guidance, support and accountability to help you work towards achieving your wellbeing goals and becoming the healthiest version of you!

NDIS Dietitian Mobile Gold Coast Report Writing

Report Writing

After completing, at minimum, one full nutrition assessment, we can write a report or provide a letter of support as requested. The report/letter will include any health conditions, disabilities and other impairments that may reduce your functional capacity to complete your daily activities or achieve your health and wellbeing goals. For participants of the NDIS, we may also include your NDIS goals and how we plan to help you achieve them through nutrition therapy, as well as link recommendations to your NDIS goals. 
With expertise in the field of nutrition and medical nutrition therapy, we have the training, skills and expertise to provide evidence that assists decision-makers at the NDIA on the reasonable and necessary supports you may require.  We will advocate for your nutritional needs to help you build capacity and independence in your everyday life.

NDIS Dietitian Mobile Gold Coast Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Meal planning can be a great way of saving you time and money. It may reduce stress, decision fatigue, food waste and helps create food awareness including learning appropriate food portions.  Generally, meal planning and preparing your own meals at home can offer a diet lower in salt, sugar, energy (calories), preservatives, chemicals, packaging and increase your nutrient intake as your diet is optimised.


We can help you create your own meal plan (after providing some healthy eating education) if you prefer to learn how to do it yourself or we can develop one for you. Both options will ensure we work towards creating a simple, balanced diet and an adequate intake from a wide variety of food and beverage sources to achieve your desired health goals. 

NDIS Dietitian Mobile Gold Coast Staff Training

Staff Training

Training staff (such as carers or support workers) on relevant areas of nutrition for their clients. E.g. meal preparation for diabetes management, tube feeding management, malnutrition in the aged care services

NDIS Dietitian Mobile Gold Coast Accountability Call

Weekly phone call accountability check ins

What often lets people down in their health journey is lack of accountability. Maybe you procrastinate or have trouble implementing changes due to lack of motivation some days. Weekly, short phone calls are beneficial for tracking progress on a regular basis, to touch base with a nutritional professional to give you on-the-go advice and help you stay on track to working towards your goals. 


Grocery Shopping Guidance

When you've been food shopping, have you ever wondered which products are better for you? For example, which muesli bars to pick, which yoghurt brand is better to buy, which sauces would be healthier options? Or maybe you're curious about how to make healthier swaps for the current food products you purchase. With this service, we can meet you at your local grocery shop (I.e. Aldi, Woolworths, Coles, IGA) and help you make smarter and more informed choices on the food and beverage products you purchase. We teach your how to read food labels, understand the confusing marketing on packaging and look out for food allergens (e.g. soy, gluten)


In the past, we've helped people to reduce their salt and sugar intake, increase protein or fibre intake and reduce or increase calories for weight management. You may use this service as a 'one-off' service or you may like to revisit your grocery shopping food items every few months or as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide all Australians under the age of 65, who have a permanent and significant disability, with the reasonable and necessary support they need to enjoy an ordinary life and achieve their goals.

What activities will an APD working in this area of practice not undertake?

  • Assessments of swallowing or making food texture and fluid thickness recommendations.

  • Assessments of safety and functioning while cooking.

  • Assessments of physical activity capacity.

  • Assistance with feeding at mealtimes.


What are the NDIS fees?

Our fees align with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and may be subject to change as per the indexations of the NDIS fees.


Are you a registered provider?

Healthiest Version of You is an unregistered NDIS provider; therefore we are unable to use NDIA-managed funding to pay for our services. We are able to accept referrals for NDIS participants that are plan-managed or self-managed. 

How can a dietitian help me?

  • Help you make positive healthy eating behaviour changes

  • Improve relationship with food

  • Develop mealtime management plan alongside a speech pathologist

  • Prescribe and check my tube feeding plan 

  • Choose my tube feeding consumables including feeds and equipment

  • Work with and train staff members or informal supports (such as family members) when required (e.g. for tube feeding training, diabetes management)

  • Teach you how to plan a menu, shop and budget for food

  • Alongside an occupational therapist (if required), teach you (and your support workers) how to prepare and cook healthy, therapeutically appropriate meals at home 

  • Talk about and recommend food, drinks or supplements to improve nutrition and health 

  • Recommend and advocate on your behalf for supports required for both physical and psychological disabilities

  • Assist you to access services that will improve you oral intake (e.g. meal delivery service, oral nutrition supplements, advocating for a support worker to help with cooking meals)

  • Participate in case conferences with all key stakeholders to improve communication, overall team performance and provide a higher level of care

Please fill out the NDIS referral form below to start engaging with your NDIS Dietitian. We will be in contact with you or your requested support person shortly after the form has submitted. 


Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0467 935 005 or email

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